Day of Kindness


1st Annual Willapa Harbor Day of Kindness 

Hosted by Penny Burns


A community-wide Day of Kindness is in the planning for August 1st.  The idea for this event is the brain-child of Penny Burns. Penny has previously spearheaded The Kindness Project, which involves painting rocks and leaving them around the community for others to find in hopes of brightening their day.


The idea behind the Day of Kindness is to encourage everyone in our community to spend the day focusing on performing Random Acts of Kindness. Here are some example of things anyone can do: 


  • Leave money on a vending machine for someone

  • Bake cookies for the elderly

  • Pick up litter

  • Let someone go in front of you in line

  • Give a stranger a compliment

  • Make dinner for a family in need

  • Buy flowers to hand out on the street

  • Offer compliments to strangers and friends and family

  • Buy coffee for the person behind you

  • Hide gifts in random places for strangers to find

  • Be kind to yourself!

  • Return someone’s grocery cart

  • Most importantly SMILE . . . smile and greet the people you pass on the street, in the store, in the car next to you . . . just smile!


Along with “random” acts of kindness, there will also be some “planned” acts of kindness going on throughout the community.  Some activities that are being planned so far include:

Tables setup at both Pioneer and Thriftway where volunteers will be passing out cookies.

A car wash at Pioneer. We will be offering a free wash to single mothers. From anyone else, we will be asking a donation to go toward sending local youth to camp.

We plan to buy one or more movie punch-cards at Everyone's Video. Their employees will randomly be giving out free movies on the punch card. In addition, we will be randomly taping up bags of microwave popcorn for customers to take home. (The owners have agreed to donate some of the popcorn). We will also be taping some up on the Redbox at Thriftway randomly throughout the day.

We plan to purchase coffee at one or two of the local espresso stands to randomly pay for customers' coffee throughout the day.

We will be taping quarters on some of the children's vending machines and rides outside Thriftway and Pioneer.

We will be taping laundry detergent pods on the washing machines and dryer sheets on the dryers at the laundromat. We will also be randomly handing out quarters for the machines.

We will be handing out gift certificates for free craft classes to Seniors and stay-home moms. These were donated by The Willapa Harbor Crafters.

We are asking local gardening clubs to get involved by donating small bouquets to send to the Alder House, Nursing home, police stations and sheriff's office, and if possible a few to just hand out randomly.

We are looking into renting the Raymond Theater for the day to offer a free showing of Pay it Forward, if we can get enough donations.

We have asked local rock painting groups to set out lots of painted rocks around South Bend and Raymond.

We are looking for teens to work the car wash, return grocery carts, tape up our random gifts, etc. We have the community service forms we will fill out and turn in to the schools. (Looks good on scholarship packets, job applications and college applications.)

Our hope is that, beyond meeting the goals mentioned above, local groups and community members will be inspired to come up with their own ideas and join in the Day of Kindness. If you, or your group, plan to get involved in this great project, please join the projects Facebook page and be sure to post information about your event.

We ask that anyone who would like to donate time, money, laundry pods, flowers, etc. post to Willapa Harbor Random Act of Kindness Facebook page. Penny will PM you. We welcome groups and clubs, businesses, and all kind community members. Cards have been printed to accompany give-aways, so contact Penny at (360) 580-637, if you would like to do something on your own.

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