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November 5, 2020, 5:00 PM

I've Been Thinking...

This past Monday we had our charge conference with District Superintendent Kathleen Weber. I love these meetings because often we hear inspiring stories that lift my spirits. This year we didn't talk as much about the ministry of the church as I think is done in the past. I wanted to lift up in celebration the work this congregation continues to do in the midst of difficult times. It is very telling to the true nature of a group of people when they get to work rather than shut down when times get tough. Since I've been here we've participated in:

  • Day of Kindness
  • Helping the community pay for utility bills
  • Helped a family fix their electrical issues so they can have electricity
  • Distributed items for school kids
  • Donated food to the community that was given to us from the food banks
  • Provided warm soup meals
  • Held our annual rummage sale
  • Started an online study (two classes)
  • Started a men's accountability group
  • Began online devotions
  • Continued and expanded our online worship

Isn't that a lot for just 4 months? Seems like it to me. But the amazing thing is we are not even close to stopping! We are collecting blankets and warm coats for people to stay warm this winter, we're adopting 5 families and 5 single people for Christmas, we're going to be doing an advent study, and that's just in the next two months. What will 2021 bring us? How many more ways can we motivate and engage the Willapa Harbor area to become transformed? I am eager to see where we will go and what we will be doing. The Holy Spirit has given us the gifts and tools, lets see what we can do with them! Are you ready and willing to join me?

Pastor Carrie

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