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Love & Weddings
October 8, 2020, 4:59 PM

I've been thinking...

a great deal about weddings. You may or may not know this, my husband and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary in September. I remember on our first wedding anniversary my maid of honor asked me, "since you've been married, what have you learned about marriage that you didn't know before?" What a huge question. So much happens that first year that you could never prepare for. Learning to live with someone takes a lot of work. I thought preparing for the wedding was going to be the biggest thing, but that was nothing to finding out your new roommate doesn't make the bed, or mixes colors and whites together when doing the laundry, or even crazier, they like to eat veggies!

I'm being some what silly, but the thing is, what I've learned over 20 years doesn't compare to that one year. We watch movies and read stories of romantic love, and it's exciting and new. What happens when it gets older? That love grows and changes, it gets deeper and more robust. My husband and I often say to one another, "I love you bunches of tons of a lot of bunches of tons of tons of bunches of a lot." That's the short version. It sounds repetitive yet, reminds me constantly that love is always so much bigger than we can fully grasp.

Why am I talking about marriage and love, well, I'm being sentimental, but also because, weddings are only the beginning of a commitment two people make with one another. Interestingly, it was at a wedding that we hear of the first ever miracle that Jesus did. Why a wedding? Why wine? Of all the miracles, all the important things that needed to be done during that time, WHY wine? It was a sign of God's love for us, not just how much God loves us, but the kind of love, the vintage of love, the quality of love. Jesus didn't just turn water into any wine, it was the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the tastiest of the tasty, a vintage and quality that surpassed all other wines. It's inspiring to know that God's love is better than anything we've experienced, and I think what I've experienced these past 20 years has been the best love ever... so God's love is clearly even better than that right?

Pastor Carrie Bland

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