Spring Study: Joshua

Monday’s 6:00—7:00 PM
April 12—May 24, 2021

Join this study of Joshua from the Hebrew Text. We know the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and away from slavery, we know they wandered the desert for 40 years, but what happened after Moses dies? Who takes up the mantle of leading God’s people? Do they ever make it to the promised land? Grapple with these questions and more as we take a deep dive into the book of Joshua over a 7 week period. This class will be offered on Monday evenings via ZOOM or if less than 10 people, in person. Invite your church friends to join this study with you.

Date             Lesson

April 12        Introduction
April 19        Chapters 1 – 4
April 26        Chapters 5 – 8
May 3           Chapters 9 – 12
May 10         Chapters 13 – 16
May 17         Chapters 17 – 20
May 24         Chapters 21 – 24


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No Books—Just You & Your Bible


Spring Study: I AM

Sunday’s from 1-2:30 PM
April 11—May 23, 2021

This study will take an in-depth look into the 7 “I AM” statements made in the Gospel of John about Jesus. What do each of these statements tell us about who Jesus is, what our relationship with Jesus will be like, and how we know we can depend upon Jesus in our lives. Each week we’ll have a group discussion about what we found intriguing and confusing about these statements, what we struggle with when it comes to applying this information to our faith life, and how we can stretch our understanding of who the Son of God is in our lives. Because each lesson does not depend upon the previous session, you don't have to worry about missing a week.

This class will be offered on Sundays after coffee hour via ZOOM or if less than 10 people, in person. Call your buddies to take this class with you.

Date          LESSON

April 11    Bread of Life
April 18    Light of the World
April 25    Gate of the Sheep
May 2       Good Shepherd
May 9       Resurrection & the Life
May 16     The Way, The Truth, & The Life
May 23     The True Vine

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No Books—Just You & Your Bible


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